No.6 Collaborations Project - Ed Sheeran

No.6 Collaborations Project

Ed Sheeran

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2019-07-12
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 15

  • 2019 An Asylum Records UK release, a division of Atlantic Records UK; ℗ 2019 Warner Musi


Title Artist Time
Beautiful People (feat. Khalid Ed Sheeran USD Album Only
South of the Border (feat. Cam Ed Sheeran USD Album Only
Cross Me (feat. Chance the Rap Ed Sheeran 3:26 USD 1.29
Take Me Back To London (feat. Ed Sheeran USD Album Only
Best Part of Me (feat. YEBBA) Ed Sheeran USD Album Only
I Don't Care Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber 3:39 USD 1.29
Antisocial (with Travis Scott) Ed Sheeran USD Album Only
Remember The Name (feat. Emine Ed Sheeran USD Album Only
Feels (feat. Young Thug & J Hu Ed Sheeran USD Album Only
Put It All On Me (feat. Ella M Ed Sheeran USD Album Only
Nothing On You (feat. Paulo Lo Ed Sheeran USD Album Only
I Don’t Want Your Money (fea Ed Sheeran USD Album Only
1000 Nights (feat. Meek Mill & Ed Sheeran USD Album Only
Way To Break My Heart (feat. S Ed Sheeran USD Album Only
BLOW (with Bruno Mars & Chris Ed Sheeran USD Album Only


  • Balance

    By kendall granger
    Why are people giving it 1 star and calling it awful before the album has even dropped?? I had to give it 5 stars to try and balance it out.
  • Ed is Ed.

    By Lynieeee
    People be hating and controlling Ed and his music... Let him grow as an artist and get out of his box. A real critic would not bring a singer down, but instead comment on the songs and room for improvement. 🖤✨
  • Ignorant critics

    By Awesome picklez
    Ed Sheerans music is usually pretty good. Don’t criticize the album before you’ve even heard it.
  • Let's Get it On!!

    By Tetelestai87
    Ed Sheeran can't write good music anymore. Plain and simple. If a song is good, it seems to be a copy of another song with a different melody. If a song isn't good, it'll probably have close to 15 different writers... and this is the result. This album as a whole is corrupted with computer-generated instrumentation and auto-tune vocals. Anybody with at least some musical knowledge could almost record this entire record on a whim, in even the smallest of places; the entire thing was done on a computer – no real instruments – just a computer. Since his first record was released in 2011, it has been a constant downward spiral for creativity and realism every passing year. Perhaps, we will all forget what made Ed an amazing artist in the first place.
  • Trash 🤮🤢

    By Edwin Grande
    Mediocre. Trash features. Retardi?
  • Trash

    By brusheshs
    A mess
  • Love

    By CAmccarthy
    Always the best
  • Super excited!!

    By sjssjhdejsjhtjf
    Thus album is going to be fire people stop day ng mean things he is awesome
  • decent

    By Fushsukckfkfif
    y’all have listened to two songs and already rate it the lowest if low, wait for the project then give yalls review. so far the first two songs were great seeing how versatile ed is. just my opinion
  • This is amazing!

    By PROraterofmusic
    First of all why do people say cross me and I don’t care have the same melody? These songs are great and some of these people are STUPID!

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