Eat the Elephant - A Perfect Circle

Eat the Elephant

A Perfect Circle

  • Genre: Hard Rock
  • Release Date: 2018-04-20
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 12

  • ℗ 2018 A Perfect Circle under exclusive license to BMG Rights Management (US) LLC


Title Artist Time
Eat the Elephant A Perfect Circle 5:13 USD 1.29
Disillusioned A Perfect Circle 5:53 USD 1.29
The Contrarian A Perfect Circle 3:58 USD 1.29
The Doomed A Perfect Circle 4:41 USD 1.29
So Long, and Thanks For All th A Perfect Circle 4:26 USD 1.29
TalkTalk A Perfect Circle 4:15 USD 1.29
By and Down the River A Perfect Circle 5:04 USD 1.29
Delicious A Perfect Circle 3:49 USD 1.29
DLB A Perfect Circle 2:06 USD 1.29
Hourglass A Perfect Circle 5:14 USD 1.29
Feathers A Perfect Circle 5:48 USD 1.29
Get the Lead Out A Perfect Circle 6:40 USD 1.29


  • Whomp Whomp

    By Vincent_Vega_junkie
    What happened to songs sounding like they’re off of the 3 initial albums. This sounds like A Perfect Circle, not TOOL. This sounds really, really bad. This is likely their last album, so enjoy the first 3 because that’s where the gold was. Soo, soo bad!
  • 👍👍

    By dima ber
    Love new album ... two thumbs up ...
  • Maynard can do no wrong a true musical genius

    By Chopsuey187
    Maynard continues to impress I see no end to his genius I listened to this entire cd a few times in a row and every time I listened I liked it more and more so to my man Maynard J by putting out music like this it gives 90’s rock fans and early 2000’s hope that real music can still be made unlike the TRASH THAT HAS BEEN CONSISTENTLY PUT OUT BY SO MANY FAKE SAD ROCK BANDS this CD is not as good as APC’s first offering or the mighty 13th step but a very very good cd that hopefully other bands listen to and realize that after 29 years this kind of music is still being made by a true musical genius................
  • Great album

    By jellikit
    This album is great. Are 100% of them great? No. But 85-90% are. Who cares if the songs are a little different than they were 15 years ago. You probably are too.
  • APC the Elephant

    By kelpbeds
    Couple listens through and I’ll give it a passing grade. The production sounds odd to me like it's mixed really loud. Nothing to be overly hyped about for me anyway.
  • Akasha

    By 666999a
    The brilliance of this album is, well on my journey on this plan would be described as immortal and disconnected with this mediocre realm. Material objects and ego destructed by the vocals and musical talent that is defined as a perfect circle. Blessed be all those that are able to embrace this destruction of sound.
  • a challenge to the listener

    By TerryTheWoman
    Like many other people, when i first saw this album I had assumed that it was an anti-Christian campaign by just reading the song names and thinking of their past song Judas (which I do like). Looking back I now feel embarrassed to have thought that while thinking of myself as a fan of APC or Tool. Like all albums that Maynard puts out they generally have a message to tell when you put all of the songs together. This album I believe is about breaking free of the vices and self destructive thought processes of the world we live in today. And as for the song Talk Talk its actually asking the facebook warrior Christians to follow the religion they claim to believe in but have no real understanding of. As a whole I believe this is an album meant to inspire its listeners to be better people and could even, dare I say, be played in a church. As for the actual music it's something new. though I like my music heavy I still appreciate slower songs such as weak and powerless or 3 libras, but this is… piano. lots of piano, and raw Maynard. there is slight diversification at the end in hourglass and get the lead out but for the most part the album is a very even and consistent tempo. in other words it would kill whatever mood you were in unless it was somber reflective melancholy, but if that’s you then this is the album of the year. It's an interesting new direction and the talent is obviously there. Obviously not what any of us was expecting but it's still a quality album.
  • Not TOOL, OK 👌🏻

    By DBones750
    If you don’t like this album, check your pants for something brown and stinky. It’s not TOOL, it’s not supposed to be TOOL. It’s APC and it’s a nice little album. But also bring on the new TOOL record.
  • Doesn't strike a chord with me

    By DrafterMan
    The music feels a bit contrived and inorganic compaired to their original album. They sound very good but there is a lack of soul and passion.
  • Masterpiece!!!

    By Jhusb19
    I wasn’t sure what to expect with this album, but I was pleasantly surprised! I’m loving the incorporation of different instruments, and Keenan always delivers with meaningful lyrics that fit the music!

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